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Back pain is the third most common reason people visit the doctor’s office, and up to 80% of the population could benefit from treatment for their back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain – Low back pain can cause you to miss work, lose out on opportunities, and stop you from living life to the fullest. Most cases of back pain are treatable or preventable with the right doctor. At the office of Steven C. Dennis, MD, in Newport Beach, California, Dr. Dennis has decades of experience in diagnosing and treating back pain by combining the latest state-of-the-art state-of-the-art treatment with tried-and-true knowledge. If you suffer from back pain or Low back pain, call Dr. Dennis to schedule your consultation or book online.

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Back Pain / Low Back Pain Q & A

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers

What causes back pain?
Back pain can emerge for a variety of reasons, and there might not always be a clear-cut reason for your pain. Some of the most common reasons for back pain tend to include: Bulging or ruptured discs Bulging discs, also known as herniated discs, can press against the nerves in your spinal cord, causing pain. Muscle and ligament strains These types of strains often occur for those who regularly lift heavy objects or make a sudden awkward back movement. Arthritis This bone condition can affect your spine, causing the area around your spinal cord to narrow and press against nerves. This is also referred to as spinal stenosis. Osteoporosis The weakening of your bones caused by osteoporosis can lead to compression fractures and back pain.
Who is at risk for back pain?
You might find yourself at greater risk for back pain for the following reasons: Age Your bones and muscles naturally weaken as you age, which can increase your risk for fractures or strains. You’re overweight Obesity or being overweight can place additional stress on your back. Certain diseases Arthritis, cancer, and other diseases can cause back pain, depending on where they?re located. Lack of exercise Failure to get enough exercise can leave your back and abdomen muscles weak, which can increase your risk for strains. Improper lifting Lifting with your back instead of your legs can lead to pulled muscles and ligaments in your back. Smoking Regular smoking reduces blood flow to your lower spine. This can weaken your spine over time, leaving it vulnerable to injury.
What are the symptoms of back pain?
Back pain tends to exhibit fairly straightforward symptoms, usually causing muscle aches and sharp or stabbing pain that can radiate from your back down to your legs. This pain might worsen during certain physical activities such as walking or bending and improve when lying down or reclining.
How is back pain treated?
The treatment Dr. Dennis provides depends on the severity and cause of your back pain. You’ll usually require one or several of the following treatments: Medication Pain relievers, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxants can all relieve some of the pain and stiffness you might be enduring. These are particularly important for helping to restore mobility and let you perform additional treatment options. Physical therapy and exercise Exercise can improve mobility and strengthen the back and abdomen muscles, reducing pain and preventing further back injuries. Dr. Dennis might prescribe physical therapy if you continue to have mobility and pain issues after initial treatments. Surgery Though back pain rarely requires surgery, some conditions, such as fractures or severely herniated discs, require surgical intervention for treatment. There?s no need to accept back pain as a part of life. The office of Steven C. Dennis, MD, in Newport Beach, California, can offer the proper care and treatment you need to eliminate back pain from your life. To learn more, call Dr. Dennis to schedule your consultation or book online.
Back Pain / Low Back Pain
Back Pain / Low Back Pain